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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Brazilian supermodel
Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel and actress, best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel since 1999, as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics sinc,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Adriana Lima flashes her bum in sheer black underwear
ADRIANA Lima turned up the heat as she flashed her bum in sizzling black lingerie for her latest Victoria's Secret campaign,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Leggy lady Adriana displayed her perfect pins in an asymmetric pale blue dress
Leggy lady: Adriana displayed her perfect pins in an asymmetric pale blue dress, which clung to her hourglass shape. 
Adriana Limas Weird Beauty Habit With Mascara
In a recent interview, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima admitted her weird beauty and makeup habit is showering with mascara and letting the ink r,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Adriana Lima Supermodel 2018
Adriana Lima made a big splash in early 2012 when she appeared in two Super Bowl commercials, one for Kia and another, more seductive spot for Teleflo,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
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