Last month, battle royale game PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds banned around 30,000 accounts for using Radar hack cheat. A few days back it reported that the esport company has banned four professional players for using unauthorised software program during the gameplay. Most of PUBG players just login in to the game and start playing it without going through the terms of conditions or rule of conduct of the game. In that case, most gamers are unaware of the crucial piece of information related to the game or service. Here we have put together 15 things you should avoid to prevent from getting banned in PUBG.

Rule of PUBG - 30,000 players banned: 15 things to avoid while playing PUBG

Rule of PUBG - 30,000 players banned: 15 things to avoid while playing PUBG
Rule of PUBG - 30,000 players banned: 15 things to avoid while playing PUBG

​Using third-party programmes

If you are using any programmes that are not permitted by PUBG Corp and that promote unfair gameplay, etc may subject to substantial penalty such as permanent game ban. Fun2Ind.Com

​Using unauthorised hardware devices

PUBG does not allow using any third-party hardware devices such as a specific mouse, mobile game controller, etc that are not authorised by the company. In case you use or promote such hardware, PUBG can also take legal action against you. 

​Tempering with the game data

Changing the game data (.ini file format) violates the copyright laws

​Tempering server and client to benefit your gameplay

Changing packet data and servers interfere with game services and also leads to violating copyright laws of the company.

​Taking advantages of vulnerabilities of the game

In case you came across any bug or glitch during the gameplay and used to take unfair advantage, then you will be liable for severe penalties. Also, the battle points and other acquired items will be removed from your account.

​Using offensive words based on race, gender and nationality

It is important to respect all the players irrespective of their caste, gender or nationality. Anyone caught in violation may end up paying a severe penalty.

Using offensive nicknames can get you banned

Using any offensive word as your nickname that promotes or can hurt other players sentiments or feelings is not allowed and PUBG can take necessary action against you. The nickname should not include any sexually explicit content or any such word that infringe the trademark or copyright of the game.

Killing out team members

Friendly fire is not allowed in the game. The penalty can be imposed in case you are found guilty of killing your own team members repeatedly and intentionally.

Stalking other players in the game

Continuously following other players to interfere with the standard gameplay is illegal

​Sharing others personal information

Sharing or publishing others personal information publicly or to any third-party agencies violates the privacy law.

​Using unfair means to change or manipulate match results

Trying to temper the match results for in exchange of cash, goods and/or services are not allowed. If caught, severe penalty will be imposed and players will lose all the items acquired.

​Hacking others PUBG account

Using others account without their consent or in an unauthorised manner can lead to being banned from the game.

​Any action that may have negative impact on PUBG service

The rule of conduct also declares that any activity that has an adverse effect on players or the service is also liable for the penalty.

Spreading false rumours about the game service

Misguiding other players by disseminating information that has not been officially announced by the company is also not allowed and can create confusion among players.

​Generating any profit with game service without prior approval from PUBG

It is also not allowed to earn or make a profit using the service without prior permission from PUBG Corp.