In a new innovation under Digital India, State Bank of India or SBI has launched a new card-less cash withdrawal feature for their customers.. The State Bank of India (SBI) and all other Bank Like Axis Bank, ICIC Bank and HDFC Bank has become the first bank in India to allow account holders to withdraw money from ATMs without using an ATM card. 
SBI is offering the cardless ATM cash withdrawal service through its internet banking app called YONO. Here is everything you need to know about the service and how to use it.

 Card Less ATMs - Who to withdrawal and deposit cash from ATMs without card

Card Less ATMs - Who to withdrawal and deposit cash from ATMs without card
Card Less ATMs - Who to withdrawal and deposit cash from ATMs without card

SBI Customers Can Now Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Any Debit Card: This Is How It Works!

1. The State Bank of India (SBI) Withdraw money from ATMs without using an ATM card

. You will need to activate internet banking on your SBI account first and the account should have a registered phone number

. To use the cardless ATM service, SBI account holders will have to download the “Yono SBI” (SBI YONO Cash works without any debit card) mobile app on their Android smartphone or iPhone

. “Yono SBI” (YONO Cash: Card-less ATM Withdrawal) Donload Google Pleay Store Here..
. Install YONO App on your Android or iPhone

. After Installing the Yono SBI app, Visit the nearest SBI ATM or YONO Cash points, and use that PIN to withdraw the case you want.

. Now you will need to login with your internet banking details on “Yono SBI

. To withdraw cash from ATM, you will have to open the Yono SBI app and request for cash withdrawal

. On requesting cash withdrawal, you will get 6-digit code for registering the cash withdrawal request on the ATM

. You will need the 6-digit code before entering the ATM. On the ATM machine you will have to put this code to withdraw cash

Terms and Conditions : The State Bank of India (SBI) Withdraw money from ATMs without using an ATM card
. Note that the 6-digit cash withdrawal code is valid for 30 minutes only

. This service is only available in SBI ATMs and Yono cash points. This service will not work in ATMs of any other banks

. You will get a cash withdrawal alert SMS on your registered mobile number

. The Yono cash withdrawal facility is available across 16,500 SBI ATMs across India

. Only two withdrawals in a day is allowed using the Yono SBI app

. SBI account holders can withdraw up to Rs 10,000 per transactions from the ATM

. The cardless ATM cash withdrawal service prevents frauds arising due to theft or loss of ATM cards

. SBI says that this cardless Yono ATM cash withdrawal service will also prevent account holders from ATM card skimming or cloning frauds

Advantages of YONO Cash (SBI Bank)
. Cases of ATM Skimming is on the rise, wherein fraudsters clone and steal your debit card details, and then withdraw cash from your account.

. YONO Cash will help to solve this issue, as SBI customers are no longer required to take their debit cards to the ATM for cash withdrawal.

. SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar said, “YONO Cash will also address the concern of using debit card at the ATMs for cash withdrawals by eliminating possible risk associated with it. This feature is designed to help users withdraw cash without a physical debit card.”

Cash Withdrawal Without Debit Cards: The New Trend?
. Before SBI, a company named AGS Transact Technologies had introduced a unique, and innovative cash withdrawal mechanism without using any debit card.

. This new method uses UPI 2.0 features to enable cash withdrawal.

. Using a mobile app, the user is required to scan a QR code inside the ATM, after which, the required cash can be withdrawn, without using any debit card.

. Now, as SBI has unleashed this new feature of card-less cash withdrawal, we can expect other banks to follow suit.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more details.