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Accidently broke Snapchat streak with friends - Here how to restore it

One thing that makes Snapchat stand out in the world of copycats is Snapstreaks. Those who make streaks would agree big time. Snapchat streaks are one of the coolest features that help people stay in touch with each other. But, what if it gets lost? Fret not and we have a way to restore it.

How to restore lost Snapchat streaks?

Whether it’s an accident or an unfortunate turn of events, there could be times the streaks can break. This is what you need to do in such cases:
Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device.
Step 2: Tap on your Bitmoji and then select the Settings option present in the top right corner.
Step 3: Scroll down a bit to access the Support section. This can also be accessed by visiting the Snapchat Support website.
Step 4: Now, select the I Need Help option.
Step 5: There, you will come across multiple options to help you select the problem you’re facing. You need to select the Contact Us option for this situation.
Step 6: Go for the ‘My Snapstreaks disappeared’ option.
Step 7: This will now bring forward a form that you would need to fill to help Snapchat help you. The questions include your name, email, phone number, device, the friend’s name with whom the streak got lost, and a few more questions.
Step 8: Fill the form up, enter the provided CAPTCHA, and hit Send.
A few things to keep in mind: (a) Try answering the questions accurately, (b) You can put an estimated number and can even make a reason for why you lost the streak, and (c) Do not make it a habit of following this process whenever a streak is broken as Snapchat is most likely to turn you down after two attempts.
Therefore, try sending snaps to people to maintain your streaks on Snapchat for as long as possible. And, you don’t need to get all dressed for that; a snap of your TV with some filters and stickers will also work!

How to start making Snapchat streaks?

For those who are hearing this word for the first time, Snapchat streaks are a cool way to keep in touch with your friends.
Before we get down to business, here’s how you can start making Snapchat streaks if you are new to the concept. You can do this by sending people photos and videos that will vanish once viewed. A continuous process of exchange of direct photos and videos for three consecutive days will help start the Snapstreak.
You will get to know that a streak has started once you start seeing a fire emoji next to the person’s name, along with the number of days it has been going on. As you proceed and depending upon Snapchat’s benchmarks, the emoji will change. This will indicate the progress you are making and is a way of rewarding you to keep making streaks.
You must also know what doesn’t count as a Snapstreak. Sending stickers, emojis, text messages, media from your gallery, and Spectacles’ content won’t help you create one.



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