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How to pre-register Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store

Battlegrounds Mobile India: The pre-registration for the rebranded PUBG Mobile BR game is now live on Google Play Store, bundles few exciting rewards. Battlegrounds Mobile India, the PUBG Mobile replacement is finally up for pre-registration on Google Play Store.
Here’s how you can pre-register the new Battlegrounds Mobile India BR game on your mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to pre-register on Google Play Store

To pre-register for the new Krafton-designed Battle Royale game here’s what you need to do.
Step 1- Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and look for Battlegrounds Mobile India in the search bar.
Step 2- Once you find the game, there will be a pre-register option below it.
Step 3- Tap on the ‘Pre-register’ button.
Step 4- The following ‘notify you’ tile will show two options ‘Install when available’ and ‘OK,’ on pressing the first option the game will be installed automatically, while the latter will require you to download the game manually when it’s available.
That’s it, your pre-registration for the Battlegrounds Mobile India BR game will be done.


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