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How to check WhatsApp authenticity of the message you received

Most of us daily receive several forwarded messages on WhatsApp, Instagram and on other social media platforms. These can be news items, website links, pictures, apps, job openings or any other important thing of public interest. While many of these posts provide crucial information, there are also chances that they may not be true. Instant messaging app WhatsApp too has an FAQ page on its website that offers tips to identify fake news. Similarly other platforms also warn users to be careful about the information that they see and not to circulate unless they are sure about its authenticity.
The government too has a tool called PIB Fact Check that helps identify users if the images, documents and letters that they have received are fake.
Part of the Indian government’s Press Information Bureau, PIB Fact Check allows people to submit their request regarding any news, suggestions, recommendations, etc and check whether they are correct or not.
In this how-to guide, we will tell you the steps to register a fact check request with PIB Fact Check.

How to check authenticity of the message you received on WhatsApp

- An email address
- Working internet connectivity
Reference material for the news like WhatsApp message screenshot, voice recording, etc
1. Click here to open PIB Fact Check portal
2. Now, select language, enter email address and captcha.
Then hit Submit button
3. Enter the OTP received on your email address and hit Submit
4. Here, users need to fill up a form
In the form, enter basic details like name, email address, category of news. Then you’ll also have to enter a description of the new items to be checked, original new copy text, etc. Then upload reference materials. You can also upload images, videos, audio clips, etc.
5. Once done, enter the captcha for verification and hit Submit Request
PIB will then analyse the facts related to the information and send the response via the given email address.


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