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How to chat with your contacts in Gmail on iPhone

For months now, Google has been working on making the Gmail app a one stop shop for users. Google Meet integration had already been rolled out and now the Chat feature too is available. Gmail users will not have to use Hangouts — an app that is soon to be phased out — any longer to chat with their contacts. Google has rolled out Chat integration — only on iOS as of now - which makes it really easy to connect with your contacts. If you are wondering, how to start chatting with your contacts in Gmail on iPhone then follow these steps:

What you need : An iPhone

The latest version (6.0.210404) of the Gmail app
1. To get Chat option on iOS, simply tap on the side menu
2. Scroll down to Settings and tap on your account name
3. Here you will see the Chat (early access) option. Turn the toggle on.
4. The app will ask you to restart the app, allow it
5. Now, you will see the Chat option on the bottom bar, next to Meet and Gmail
If you don’t see the Chat (early access) option in the app, then you will have to go the desktop version of Gmail. Here you will have to select Settings and go to the Chat option and choose the Google Chat option.
As we said, the feature is only available on iPhones as of now. It’s not clear when the feature will arrive on Android phones but we should expect it to happen sooner or later.


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