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Best small phones in 2021

The best small phones give you everything you need in a pocketable and single-handed device. Smartphone displays continue to get larger and larger, with behemoths like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That's fine for people who like big screens, but there are precious few options for those who prefer something they can comfortably use one-handed.
If you believe good things come in compact packages, you'd better check out Apple's lineup. The iPhone maker continues to dominate the market for small phones with a number of good choices, including both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE. Google is also keeping the segment alive with devices that are as pocketable as they are affordable.
A notable advantage to choosing a small phone is that they typically cost less than Plus-, Max- or Ultra-sized versions of the same device, so you won't be penalized by having to pay more for a handset that easily fits into your lifestyle.
Best of all, the days of 5G connectivity being restricted to larger phones is ending, thanks to the arrival of the iPhone 12 mini and Pixel 5. We're hoping to see more compact 5G phones in the future.
What are the best small phones?
Small phone lovers who were also interested in snagging one of the best iPhones didn't have many reasonable options until recently. Thankfully, you've got two choices, and our pick is the iPhone 12 mini, a 5G-capable phone powered by Apple's top processor. 
If you don't want to pay up for the iPhone 12 mini, you can always opt for the iPhone SE. It repurposes the iPhone 8's 4.7-inch design with Apple's A13 Bionic silicon for just $400.
If you're looking for a small phone that runs Android, you can't do better than the Asus Zenfone 8. It packs top-tier specs in a little body and it's a great phone. There's also the Google Pixel 4a, which has an OLED screen the same size as the one in the discontinued iPhone 11 Pro, for only $349.
You'd also be wise to check out the older Galaxy S10e, which has a similarly-sized panel but benefits from a faster processor, a slightly more premium design than Google's offering and the addition of an ultrawide camera for stunning landscapes. It is, however, getting old as far as Android phones go.
Finally, Google's 6-inch Pixel 5 packs a display slightly larger than the 5.8-inch Pixel 4 it replaces, but embeds that panel inside a chassis with smaller bezels, making it one of the more attractive high-end handsets of the year. At $699, it's quite affordable, too, even if it cuts some corners to hit its low price.
Here's a closer look at some of the best small phones out there right now, with screens sized at or under 6 inches. For our overall favorite handsets regardless of size, be sure to take a peek at our list of the best phones available right now.

Best small phones in 2021



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