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HitFilm Express Best free video editor

Compatible with: Mac, Windows | Minimum system requirements: Windows 8 (64-bit), Mac OS 10.13 Sierra. Hitfilm Express is one of the best value packages among the best video editing software, not just because it's free to start, but also because you can add on more features at reasonable prices. The program is compatible with both Macs and PCs, and also supports discrete Nvidia and AMD GPUs for threaded rendering and decoding.

HitFilm Express Best free video editor

- Customizable interface
- Drag and drop special effects are easy to apply
- Cross platform
- New users must pay to switch to the dark interface
Our favorite new tool of Hitfilm Express is auto-stabilization, which helps smooth out shaky footage. Other new features include WAV audio exports, a crop and pan/zoom effect, a GoPro FX reference effect, a color adjustment effect. While Hitfilm Express can be a little intimidating for beginners, we like its low cost to entry and affordable and scalable features.

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