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The best UK VPN in 2021

The best VPN should always work well as a UK VPN, but no matter which you pick, it'll be your first line of defence if you want to maintain true online privacy. With 2016's Investigatory Powers Act – charmingly nicknamed the Snoopers' Charter – still alive and kicking, Brits wishing to stay anonymous online will need the assistance of a quality UK VPN.
While we won't delve into the politics behind any legislation, it's clear that the UK government has some of the most intrusive online powers in Europe, and a VPN is a great tool for staying safe and anonymous. However, that's not all a UK VPN is good for.
Plus, thanks to the fact that many of us are still working from home for the foreseeable future, more and more of us are looking to secure our business and personal devices and data. Plus, that's not to mention you'll be able to stream exclusive shows like the new season of Line of Duty on services like iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and more wherever you are.

What makes a great UK VPN?

You'll want to seek out a UK VPN that's got hard-as-nails security alongside great streaming performance and top connection speeds. List-topper ExpressVPN (read our full ExpressVPN review for more) ticks all the boxes above, and combines that with simple yet powerful apps that make it a doddle to stay protected on pretty much any device you own.
Having good security means that your ISP – and therefore anyone it divulges information to – will have no idea what you're accessing online. Plus, a VPN for the UK with proven no-logging status won't be able to spill the beans to any law enforcement should they want to investigate, because they'll have nothing about you stored.
Great connection speeds and streaming power go hand in hand – there's no point in being able to access overseas Netflix if it's buffering every five seconds. Also, for Brits abroad, it's definitely worth going for a service with a good selection of servers and locations to ensure you'll have a backup or two, should one not perform as expected.

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