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Here how US based Google Pay users can send money to India

Google Pay will now allow users based in the US to send money to their friends and family in India and Singapore. Here's how you can use the feature. Google has announced via a blog post that it will now allow US-based users to send money to their friends and family located in India and Singapore, using Google Pay. The company has partnered with Western Union and Wise to enable this feature. Apart from this, the company also stated that it will soon roll out the feature for over 200 countries and territories with the help of Western Union and 80 more countries via Wise.
According to the company, when a user based in the US tries to send money internationally (India or Singapore) they will first be informed about the exact amount that the recipient will receive. They will also be allowed to choose the payments provider on the basis of how long it will take the amount to reach.
This feature will allow Google to rival the convenience of PayPal, which already allows its users to send money globally to any country. However, note that the international payments feature is only being made available to individuals. Businesses located in the US still will not be able to send money internationally using the app.

How to send money internationally using Google Pay

- Search for a Google Pay user located in India or Singapore using your US-based account.
- Open the account and tap on ‘Pay’.
- Choose which payments provider (Western Union, Wise) you want to use.
- Input the amount you want to send.
- Check the converted amount and tap send.


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