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Using PS5 DualSense controller with iOS games

Connecting a DualSense controller to an iPhone or iPad may be trivially easy, but getting the most out of it isn’t so simple. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and a suite of Apple Arcade games work fine with the DualSense, but figuring out the controls can require some fiddling.
Naturally pulling the triggers on any controller in a first-person shooter game will fire the player's gun. But Call of Duty Mobile appears to be set up for the Xbox Wireless Controller, which has been compatible with iPhones and iPads for a while. 
That means you’ll need to work out how the ABXY buttons on the Xbox controller correspond to the triangle, circle cross and square buttons on the PS5 DualSense controller. In general, the circle tends to correspond with B, but annoyingly the cross button doesn’t correspond with the X button on the Xbox controller. As such, you’ll need to indulge in a bit of trial and error to work out the buttons. 
In other games, controller support may be enabled but you won’t be able to map the buttons, and there might not be much in the way of instruction as to what buttons and triggers on the controller work with particular games. 
Furthermore, the DualSense controller will be treated like any other Bluetooth controller, in that its advanced haptic and features won't be enabled. That means the larger size of the DualSense controller and its trigger feel, designed to work with the smart haptics and feedback, can feel a little unwieldy and unresponsive. 
There’s also no official Sony or Apple accessory to mount an iPhone 12 to the DualSense controller; some non-official mounts are available but we’ve not tested these and can’t attest to their quality. 
However, Microsoft offers the PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2 that lets you mount a variety of iPhones or Android phones to an Xbox Wireless Controller and use a neat ratchet system to position the phone’s screen in your view. This mount does partially work with the DualSense controller but it's not the most flush fit and we’d not recommend you try this yourself for fear of sending your iPhone flying to the ground. 
As such, we’d recommend using an Xbox Wireless Controller with your iPhone or iPad for the time being. All you need to do is press and hold the Xbox button on the Xbox Wireless Controller until it flashes white and then follow the same Bluetooth connection steps detailed above. 
In lieu of anything else, the DualSense still works reasonably well within IOS 14.5, providing you’re willing to be patient. And it’s a rather lovely controller, particularly if you like a gamepad to fill your hands, even if the clever haptics are left on the wayside when gaming on iOS 14.5. 


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