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Battlefield 6 announcement teased in June 2021 - could reveal gameplay trailer

The official Twitter handle for Battlefield franchise has hinted at an announcement in June for Battlefield 6. Here’s our report. A few weeks ago, EA took the curtain off from Battlefield Mobile and shed some light on the next installment for the PC version. The successor to Battlefield 5 is expected to come this year and while the publisher stays mum, they released a cryptic tweet suggesting a revelation in June 2021. The official Twitter handle of Battlefield has hinted some revelation about Battlefield 6 in June.
“Words that rhyme with Soon: June Boom” says the tweet. Although not clear, this could be a hint at releasing the first trailer or gameplay trailer of Battlefield 6. The game’s launch could follow later into the year, heading to PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The official handle of Xbox replied, “Room (to make on our hard drive),” thereby suggesting at a larger game size than before on Xbox consoles.

Battlefield 6 teaser could drop in June

The successor to Battlefield 5 has been long-awaited by fans of the franchise, given that the last title released in late 2018. In 2019, the developer announced that they will delay the next game’s release from 2020 to later. There was no reason provided for the same but developer DICE clearly knew it had to go back to drawing board after poor response to the game.

Battlefield 5

However, there’s hope for fans of franchise for the next game. DICE has confirmed that it has gathered the biggest team ever to work on a Battlefield title. The new game will fully take advantage of the current-gen consoles like Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. That means you can expect higher frame rates, 8K resolution, support for ray tracing, and more. Battlefield 5 introduced ray tracing to gamers in 2018.
Based on a few leaked renders a long while ago, Battlefield 6 could be based on a fictional story with a different world setting. This is a change from the last few titles’ aim to recapture the ear of world wars. There is also going to be airplane battles, something that has been an important part of the Battlefield experience.
On the other hand, a Battlefield Mobile is coming to Android and iOS next year. This game is expected to be optimized for mobile devices but is said to retain the core Battlefield experience. EA is also working on Apex Legend Mobile, another PC franchise-inspired game that’s already in beta testing.


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