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Resident Evil Village - Story

The story of Resident Evil Village kicks off a few years after the events of RE7. If you haven’t played RE7 (you really should), there is a recap at the beginning of the game to bring you up to speed. Since the story and some key events in both the games are connected, it's best to know what's going on to get a full grip of it all. It's an engaging story with quite the eventful twists and turns, and there are some ‘A-ha!’ moments for fans of the franchise. Without spoiling anything, you once again don the role of Ethan Winters. He is “trying” to lead an everyday life with his wife, Mia and their newborn daughter Rose. One evening his house is attacked by none other than series veteran Chris Redfield. Chris kills Mia and kidnaps Ethan and Rose. As expected, their convoy is stopped, and Ethan awakes at the edge of a village searching for his daughter. 

Resident Evil Village - Story

As you have probably seen from the trailers and demo, the village is filled with all kinds of nasty. The village is looked after by a mysterious person - Mother Miranda. Miranda’s four children “rule” different parts of the Village. You have Castel Dimitrescu ruled by Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters. Heisenberg has his factory where he produces some pretty nasty stuff. You have House Benevento (the lady in black with her puppet bride doll) and Moreau, who looks after the river, or swamp. 
The premise of the game starts off pretty simple - find your daughter. But I can confidently tell you that the story takes some unexpected turns. If you are a fan of the franchise, this is one of the best RE stories out there. If you have only played RE7, then there is enough here to keep you hooked. I don't want to delve more into the story, as it is genuinely one of the game’s biggest highlights and one worth experiencing. 


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