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How to check vaccine availability slots using Telegram and WhatsApp and email in real-time

The government of India has opened up the Covid-19 vaccination for all the citizens from 18 to 44 years of age. Since more people are looking forward to getting vaccinated, it is really hard to find a vaccine slot in the nearby centres even if they have already registered for vaccination using Cowin website or Aarogya Setu app
The lack of slot availability has led to several websites that claim to notify users when the slots for vaccination in their region become available. These websites usually notify its users via instant messaging platforms or send email alerts.
So, here’s how you can get notified about the availability of vaccine slots on your prefered platform.

How to get notified on Telegram

1. Open on any browser
2. Select State and District and click on the joining link button
3. A new popup window will appear, you’ll need to click on the Join Channel button
This will be a specific channel for that particular region. For different regions, head back to the first step and select another region.
4. Once you join the channel, you’ll start receiving slots notifications once they get available.

How to receive slot availability notifications on WhatsApp

There are several websites available that will notify you on WhatsApp. Among others you can try
Open this link on your browser and enter region details. It will show you all the available vaccine slots in that region.
Now, click on Notify me when a slot opens up and then click on the WhatsApp notifications button.

Then, enter your phone number and submit.

How to receive slot availability notifications on email
Open and select the region. Then click on Notify me when a slot opens up button. Select the option Email notification and enter your email address.


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