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How to use Discord on Xbox One

Discord on Xbox One is a brilliant way to keep in touch with your friends, and keep them up to date with all your top Xbox gaming activity. It doesn't matter if you're heading off to fight bad guys as an Avenger, galloping across the Old West in Red Dead Redemption, or something else entirely. 
Now that Discord is available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S you can keep in touch with tens of millions of PC gamers - and perhaps one day PlayStation players too, now that Discord is coming to PS5. Discord is a great way to communicate and coordinate with fellow gamers, and its popularity dwarfs other gamer-friendly apps like TeamSpeak or Skype. Go and chat to your gamer friends, chances are they're intimately familiar with Discord. Setting up Discord on Xbox One is extremely simple, and here's how.
Discord lets gamers communicate with voice and text, create parties and groups, and see what all their friends are playing. Previously that last part was limited to PC gamers, but with Xbox One integration all Discord users can see what their Xbox-toting friends are enjoying.
How to use Discord on Xbox One 

1) Create a Discord Account.

Step 1 is to create a Discord account. It is easy to do and free. Simply create a username, a password and include an email (a real one, as Discord will want to verify it). You can create a Discord account via the mobile app, desktop app or Discord’s website.

2) Link your accounts.

On your Xbox One, select your gamertag in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Choose the Settings option, which is located under both the Home and System menus. From there, click on Account and select Linked social accounts, after which you'll be prompted to enter your account's passkey. Once you've done that, select the Discord tile to begin the account-linking process.

3)  Use the Discord app.

Via the Discord app on your phone or desktop, select the Settings option, which is represented by a gear icon. After tapping the gear, choose Connections and then Add. Once you have done that, select the Xbox logo that appears.

4) Enter your PIN.

Once you've selected the Xbox logo on the Discord app, a PIN will appear on your Xbox One's TV screen. Enter it on the app. After it's entered, your accounts should be linked instantly.

Discord on Xbox One: Overall impressions

As neat as it is to have linked Xbox and Discord profiles, Xbox's Discord integration is severely limited, at least for now. Currently, from either the PC or mobile Discord app, the only functionality of this new cross-platform integration is that you can see what your friends are playing on Xbox One.
While this may be useful for coordinating play sessions with friends, it's a minor feature compared to what PC Discord users are used to. Specifically, the lack of cross-platform voice chat is a massive omission in Microsoft's attempt to integrate the PC platform's biggest chat service into the Xbox ecosystem. Without that feature, Discord parties or groups, the Xbox One's bare-bones Discord integration is nowhere near a must-have.
However, if you're an Xbox gamer and have a lot of friends who tend to play on PC, it might be worth the 5-minute setup time to link accounts and give your pals an easy way to see when you're gaming.


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