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How to stop third-party apps from accessing your Google account

While our devices cannot be 100% cyberattack proof, there are some necessary precautions we can take to protect our online presence from the eyes of hackers by minimising the access of third party applications that are connected to our Google accounts. A vast chunk of people on the internet have a Google account they use for online shopping, gaming, music and whatnot. Keeping a track of which third-party app has access to your Google account gives you that added bit of privacy that could go a long way in keeping your Google account hidden from the eyes of hackers. The lesser your Google account associations with third-party applications, the better your chances at getting less exploited by hackers via third-party apps on the Google platform. You could check for and remove third-party app access to your account in three ways-

Using your Android smartphone (Method-1)

1. If you want to use your Android smartphone, switch on mobile data or connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network, go to Settings in your phone and search for ‘Google Account’.
2. You will see that some options are displayed under Google Account after the search is complete, among which one would be ‘Security’. Tap on ‘Security’ now.
3. Now, the Google account(s) you are logged in to the Android device will be shown. Select the Google account you want to remove third-party app access from.
4. Go to Security. You will see an option called ‘Manage third-party app access’ under ‘Third-party apps with account access’. Tap on it.
5. Now, you will be able to see all the third-party apps that have access to your Google account. You can go to each individually and select ‘Remove Access’. It is up to you which ones you want to remove. It may also be the case that you may probably have not given Google account access to any third-party app. Cheers, then.
Using your Android smartphone (Method-2)

This is the easier method.

1. Connect to the internet from your Android smartphone and then open your Google app (not Google Chrome) that must be a part of the Google suite.
2. Tap on your Google account icon situated on the top right corner of the screen.
3. Tap ‘Manage your Google account’.
4. Slide sideways through the subheads and go to ‘Security’.
5. Now the steps are the same from step number 3 of Method-1.

Using a laptop or tablet

If you are on your personal Windows laptop, any other laptop or a tablet, you can also easily remove third party app access from your Google account.
1. Log in to your Google account through a trusted web browser preferably Google Chrome updated to the latest version
2. Open a new tab of the Chrome browser.
3. Tap on your account icon at the top right corner.
4. Click on ‘Manage your Google account’.
5. Click on the ‘Security’ tab. You will find it on the left side of the screen.
6. Follow from step number 3 onwards of Method-1.


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