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YouTube allows creators to change channel name without changing their entire Google account - Here how to do it

oogle-owned video streaming platform YouTube will now allow its creators to change their channels name and profile picture, without the need to update their name and photo that is linked to this Google account. Till now, in case a YouTube creator wanted to change their name and icon for their YouTube channel, they had to do it for their entire Google account. Having the freedom to be able to change name and profile picture only for YouTube makes it easy for creators to update the channels.
The only downside of this new flexibility is that in case a creator makes changes to his or her account, then they will lose their verification badge (in case they have one) and therefore will have to re-apply for the same.
In case you are wondering how to do this then these are the steps you need to follow:

On mobile

1. Open Youtube app
2. Tap your profile picture
3. Tap on your channel
4. Tap on Edit channel
5. Make changes to name or profile picture
6. Tap on save

On desktop

1. Open YouTube Studio
2. Select Customization from the left column
3. Click on Basic Info
4. Click on the pencil icon to edit
5. Make changes to name or profile picture
6. Click Publish


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