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Apple IOS 14.5 Update - Eligible Devices and New Features

iOS 14.5 comes with a bunch of enhancements and features like App Tracking Transparency controls, unlocking your iPhone with an Apple Watch, etc. The iOS 14.5 update will come with new Siri voice options, new emojis, App tracking transparency, 5G global support for dual-SIM iPhones and updated game controller support.
iOS 14.5 is said to be the last major update in the iOS 14 series. Apple is planning to announce iOS 15 at the upcoming WWDC event. To be available soon, you can update to iOS 14.5 by downloading and installing on supported iPhones. Go to Settings, then General and then click on Software update. All iPhones running on iOS 14.4.2 will be able to update to iOS 14.5, that’s iPhone 6s and above.

iOS 14.5 comes with a bunch of enhancements and features like App Tracking Transparency controls, Apple Fitness+, etc. A notable feature added in the iOS 14.5 developer beta update gives users an option to unlock an iPhone with a Face ID and a paired Apple Watch. The Apple Watch here acts as an extra layer of security. 
The unlock iPhone with Apple Watch feature works when Face ID detects you are wearing a mask and unlocking the device. If you are wearing an unlocked Apple Watch, the Face ID will partially scan your face with the face mask on and unlock the device. You will receive a haptic buzz and a notification on your Apple Watch about the unlocking of your Apple iPhone. You need to manually enable the feature to lock or unlock iPhone using Apple Watch. 

Other highlight addition is App Tracking Transparency. It will force developers to take the user’s permission before using their personal data to track them across apps. Users can choose to allow or decline permission for the app to track their activities while using the data.
iOS 14.5 also brings support for wireless gaming controllers. You can connect your Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/ Series S controllers with your iPhone or iPad.
The update also introduces AirPlay 2 support for streaming Apple Fitness+, according to Apple Insider.. You can cast audio and video to a compatible set-top box or a smart TV that has built-in AirPlay support. Apple is also rolling out two additional English voice options for Siri.
The voice assistant can also dial your emergency contacts when the feature is enabled in the Settings, according to 9to5Mac. Lastly, the Reminders app now includes support for sorting lists and printing lists.

Everything Else From Apple Spring Event: Major Announcements

Apple Spring Event saw some major announcements from the Cupertino based tech giant. Apple announced a number of latest hardware products directly from its campus in California like the updated iPad Pro with a mini-LED display, redesigned new iMac in different colour options, a new podcast subscription service, latest Apple TV streaming box, a new purple colour option for the iPhone 12, iPhone mini and more.
Here’s everything from the Apple event.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions

Apple rolled out subscriptions for Apple Podcasts, to be available in over 170 countries and regions from May. The prices will differ for each subscription based on what creators charge and will be billed monthly. Creators can offer annual billing as well, where subscribers will have to use Apple ID account settings. The Apple Podcast app will be available in a new redesigned look. 

iPhone 12 In New Pure Colour

Apple introduced iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in an all-new purple colour option, to be available from April 30, pre-orders starting this Friday. Both the iPhone 12 models are exactly the same with just a new colour option. Prices start at Rs 79,990 and Rs 69,900 respectively.

Apple AirTag

Apple announced the much-awaited AirTag, the latest accessory for iPhones. It uses the Apple custom technology called Find My, where it uses a network of iPhones to find lost objects, supposedly your keys, purse or bags. AirTag is currently priced at Rs 3,190 for one and Rs 10,900 for four AirTags. The latest iPhone accessory will be available from April 30 with a special Hermès range for AirTag and holder.

Apple TV 4K With New Processor, Remote

The latest updated Apple TV 4K box now comes with the new A12 processor with a redesigned remote (aluminium and physical buttons). The latest Apple TV remote has a trackpad with clickable D-Pad buttons. The remote supports also backward with older Apple TVs running lm tvOS. To be available from May, the latest Apple TV starts at Rs 18,900 for 32GB model. 
Pre-orders start on April 30 and will start shipping in the second half of May. Apple TV new remote is also available for Rs 5,800.

New iMacs In New Colours

Latest iMac will come with the M1 processor and not an Intel chip. It will be available in a new aluminium design (much thinner). Also it will be available in new colour options like red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, silver and green. The latest iMac looks much like the iPad Pro. The company claimed the total volume of the new iMac has been reduced by 50 percent offering a much sleeker design.
The new iMac has a 24-inch screen offering a better webcam with 1080p video recording support. New iMac base model starts at Rs 119,900. The enhanced version is priced at Rs 139,900. Pre-orders start on April 30.

Updated iPad Pros With Desktop Processor

Apple launched new iPad Pro models in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes featuring an 8-core GPU M1 chip and a new Thunderbolt connector. The top-end 12.9-inch model features a new mini-LED screen. Apple claimed that the iPad Pro is up to 1500x faster than the original iPad, launched back in 2010. It has an upgraded camera system with a 12MP ultra-wide lens upfront. 
The updated iPad Pro has been launched in a 2TB storage option as well with 5G connectivity support. 11-inch iPad Pro is priced at Rs 71,900 and the 12.9-inch model is priced at Rs 99,900. Pre-orders start on April 30.


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