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How to download from SoundCloud

How to download from SoundCloud? There's an official and an unofficial way. If you're not sure how to download from SoundCloud, the first thing you need to know is that it can be a pretty inconsistent experience. In theory, downloading music from SoundCloud is officially permitted by the platform, but musicians have to opt in and downloads are limited depending on how much artists are paying the company each month. For musicians on the free platform, downloads are capped at 100 per track — a number that’s upped to 1,000 for Pro users and unlimited for Pro Unlimited subscribers.  
There is a way around SoundCloud’s download caps, and we’ll cover this below too in the interests of artists who want their work spread far and wide, but can’t justify a Pro Unlimited account. 
Just be aware that not every artist wants this, and many rely on SoundCloud to fund their art so please be considerate to their wishes. With those caveats in mind, here's how to download from SoundCloud.

How to download from SoundCloud (the official way) 

1. Download via the “More” menu 
Search for the song you’re interested in downloading. If it’s available for download, it will appear in an option labelled “Download file” under the “More” option menu beneath the track.
Note that you’ll need to be logged in to download the track in question, and that this will only work on the browser-based desktop version of SoundCloud; on mobile, you can save tracks for offline listening, but only if you have a SoundCloud Go or Go+ account. 
2.  ...or follow the artist’s own link 
Alternatively, some artists don’t use SoundCloud’s distribution methods and include their own link to download the track. This will usually be found as a “Free Download” link to the right of “More.” 
Just be aware that the artist controls this link, and there will often be caveats — for instance needing to follow them on Spotify, say.

How to download from SoundCloud (the unofficial way) 

For songs without any kind of download button within SoundCloud, there is another way to get them using online services which convert SoundCloud's audio files then spit out an MP3 download. 
Bear in mind that not all artists want their work downloaded, so please only use this method for work that musicians want freely distributed, or music to which you own the rights. If in doubt, don't download — and remember that many artists depend on paid downloads for their livelihoods. And never redistribute any music that you download from SoundCloud without permission.
1. Find the track you want to download from SoundCloud 
Visit a song that you’re interested in downloading (and that the artist is happy for you to download) and copy the URL. 
2. Head to KlickAud 
KlickAud can extract files from SoundCloud and spit them out as MP3s. Simply head to and paste the URL into the text box in the middle of the page, then press “Convert.”
3. Download the track 
Once converted, you get a summary of the track including its file size and quality. Press “Download the song” and the track will be saved to your browser’s default downloads folder. 


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