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Here are the Steps to download Aadhaar Card by Your Face

Aadhaar Card is an important document that is required for almost every task. Thus, it is necessary to keep and be updated with all the information related to your Aadhaar card. Initially, Aadhaar was needed in tasks like opening a bank account, withdrawing money, booking tickets, etc. Now, it is also required in vaccination. Therefore, download your Aadhaar card now. 
We all know that downloading an Aadhaar card needs some important details such as registered mobile number with UIDAI, date of birth of the candidate, registered email address, etc. In addition to this, you can now download the Aadhaar card from your face. 

How to download Aadhaar Card By Face?

We usually need Aadhaar number authentication for many online works. Don’t worry; you can easily do it through e-Aadhaar. Previously, we were using the enrollment and Aadhaar number to download e-Aadhaar. Now, UIDAI has come with a new feature where you can download Aadhaar by your face. The steps are as followed:
Step 1: Open the official website of UIDAI 
Step 2: Go to the homepage and click on the ‘Get Aadhaar Card’ option
Step 3: After this, a new page will open and you may click on the ‘face authentication‘ option
Step 4: Before choosing this option, you may enter your registered mobile number and CAPTCHA as well
Step 5: Now, you will have to verify your face through the authentication process
Step 6: Hit the OK button, and the camera will start as you click on the Ok button. Put your face in one frame of the camera. The camera will capture your photo and the process will end here. 
Step 7: Your Aadhaar Card will be downloaded.
Note: Your laptop or computer must have a camera to complete the authentication process.


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