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How to find your lost Android phone remotely lock it and erase data

Let’s try to face an eventuality which you certainly don’t want to happen. Like misplacing or losing your Android smartphone. There is so much personal data, login credentials and other important details about you stored on that phone that you can't risk losing it, but you somehow have, unfortunately. Here we have some steps for you on how to first find that phone and then, remotely lock or erase it.
Before we get started with the steps, you should know that they work only if the following options are turned on/enabled in your phone. Let’s hope no one else found the phone and tampered with the settings or switched it off before you tried to go ahead with the steps. So, here are the prerequisites:
Your phone must be turned on with both the location access and Find My Device enabled or turned on. You must be signed in to a Google account. The phone should be connected to the internet, with the chances being that the mobile data is turned on. A Wi-Fi connection should also work but chances for that are slim. The phone should be visible on Google Play.
Also, if you have a backup phone or backup code in case of you having registered the lost device with 2-factor authentication, that should work too.
All of that having been said, let’s proceed with the steps:
1. Sign in with the Google account through an Android device that you have. Make sure you sign in to the main profile in case you are signed in with multiple accounts
2. Go to Or you can google “Find My Device” and then reach here.
3. As soon as the Find My Device web page opens, a notification is sent to the lost phone.
4. In case you think the phone didn’t get a notification, click on the refresh button on the right side of the lost phone image that appears on the page
5. Now, a notification will be sent to the lost phone again. As soon as the phone gets a notification, you will get to see its approximate location on the map. Otherwise, you will still see its last known location.
6. You will also see three options on the left of the screen: Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device. If you choose the first, your phone will ring for a full 5 minutes on full volume even if it is on silent or vibration mode.
7. Clicking on Secure Device locks your phone remotely with your pin, password or screen lock. In case you didn’t set any of them at all back when the phone was with you, you can still set a new one. Also, you can attach any other contact number or a message with the pin/password/screen lock to help someone reach out to you in case they find the phone.
8. Clicking on Erase Device will permanently erase all the data on the native storage of the phone. Erasing all the data will also erase the Find My Device functionality on the device so be careful with the steps.


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