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Second Space on Xiaomi smartphones - How to use take backup and erase data

Android smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme offer a separate space in a smartphone that can be used to store data. This space/folder is different from the phone’s main storage and is password protected. In Xiaomi smartphones, this is called Second Space. Here’s how users can use this space.

What is Second Space in Xiaomi phones and its features

Second Space is similar to having a folder/space entirely away from your main phone’s storage. It’s an altogether different space in the phone where users can use different email IDs and keep data protected. Users also have the option to import data from Primary space.
This Second Space comes in handy while keeping work and personal information/data separate in your smartphone. Here users can also run two different instances of apps.

How to enable and setup second private space on Xiaomi smartphones

1. Open ‘Security’ app on your Xiaomi smartphone.
2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Second Space’ option.
3. Tap on ‘Turn on Second Space’ button.
4. Once you Create Successfully screen, tap ‘Continue’ from the bottom.
5. At the next screen, choose how you want to access the second space -- Using a password or Using a shortcut.

How to backup data stored in Second Space

As already mentioned, the Second Space works like an entire separate storage space and can be linked to Gmail or Xiaomi accounts different from the main one. All the data can be backed up from the Second Space either using the linked email account or Xiaomi’s cloud backup service. You can also upload them on personal cloud platforms like OneDrive, etc.
Alternatively, Xiaomi also gives users the option to move installed apps and contacts while deleting the Second Space.

How to delete Second Space

1. Open ‘Security’ app and tap on Second Space option.
2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Delete Second Space’.
3. Tap Continue and confirm by entering the password, PIN or pattern.
4. Choose the option to move into the First Space and tap ‘Continue’ to delete the Second Space.


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