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Some tips to alleviate back pain while working from home

A survey conducted at the onset of the pandemic reported that more than half the respondents suffered from new aches and pains in their backs (55%) and necks (58%) because of the WFH scenario. While most of us are still figuring out new spaces at home to replace our ergonomically correct office chairs and desks, here are few tips to help ease the situation.

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Keep your neck straight and position your computer accordingly
Place the keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height
Do not bend or slouch in the chair
Take small breaks in between and stretch out

Keep your neck straight and position your computer accordingly

Position your computer on a desk in front of you such that you are viewing it with a straight neck.
You may have to place a pile of books beneath it to adjust the height.
Though it is tempting, avoid sliding down in your chair and looking up to the screen.
This can be comfortable at first but will eventually give you neck pain.

Place the keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height

It is always better to get a separate keyboard and mouse while working on the desk.
Once you place the computer or laptop at a comfortable height, arrange the keyboard and mouse at a position that will be easy on your arms.
It is important that the hands are not too stretched and ensure the mouse is on the desk right beside you.

Do not bend or slouch in the chair

Do not sit too straight or slouch too much while you're seated.
Sit in a comfortable position where some of your body weight is supported by the chair.
Make sure your hands are comfortable enough to reach the keyboard and mouse without straining.
Use a cushion or a pillow to support your lower back. This will prevent discomfort in the back during work.

Take small breaks in between and stretch out

However comfortable you maybe, sitting or standing in the same position for a prolonged time will strain your body eventually leading to nagging pain.
Set alarms at regular intervals as a reminder to take small breaks.
You can do little stretches and exercises to relax your muscles.
You can also use this time to take small walks and to hydrate yourself too.


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