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What Is Digilocker App - Learn How Does Digilocker App Work Here

What is Digilocker app?' is what many users have been asking. Learn more about this Digitization Online Service and how does Diglocker app work here. The world is turning digital, and everything from ads, movies, meetings, events, are being performed digitally. Many countries have adopted the Digital Way and India is following in those footsteps too. Under the Digital India Initiative, the Government of India has released many services for the citizens to use. One of them is the Digilocker app which is an Indian digitization online service. Many people have been asking, what is Digilocker App?

What is Digilocker App?

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has released an Indian Digitization Online Service with the Digilocker app. It provides a cloud account to a user that holds an Aadhar card. This cloud account can be used to access legal documents such as driving license, vehicle registration, academic mark sheet, and more in digital format from the original issuers of these certificates. The account holder will have 1GB of cloud space to upload all types of scanned copies of legal documents in this application.
The beta version of this application was released in the July of 2015, by the honorary Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The initial cloud space that was available for users was 100 MB and was later increased. The file size for an individual file could not exceed 10 MB.
The application started with basic Aadhar information then went on to add academic certificates too. After that the application brought support for bank documents and medical records too. Now Digilocker boasts a user base of crores and files stored in crores too.

How Does Digilocker App work?

Many users are still wondering how does Digilocker app work. There is a prerequisite for using the Digilocker app, check it out below:
Users need to possess an Aadhaar number to use DigiLocker. For sign-up, the Aadhaar number and the one-time password sent to the Aadhaar-registered mobile number, need to be entered.

Here’s how to use the Digilocker app:

Firstly, the user needs to download the Digilocker application, they can do that from the Android Playstore or use the Apple App store to download the applications on their smartphones. They can also visit their website to download the application for their PCs.
Then the users need to sign in to the application. This can be done by entering the Aadhar number in the required field, the users will get an OTP to the Aadhar registered mobile number that they need to use. This will create an ID for the user in the Digilocker app.
Users can now access their e-documents that have been uploaded by an Organization. They can also use the upload feature to upload any of their own legal documents and also e-sign them.
If the users need to share any of these documents with officials, they can use the share feature and send a link of the document.


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