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Five facts about German Shepherd dogs

You have seen them on TV, in films, on magazines, and perhaps in your neighborhood too. Yes, we're talking about German Shepherds. One of the most popular dog breeds around the world, they are agile, powerful, intelligent and loyal. And, there's little that these thick double coated doggies can't do. Here are five facts about GSDs you should know.

Fact 1 Germans standardized the breed, well obviously!
No points for guessing- the origins of the GSD are from Germany.
It all dates back to 1889 when breeder Max von Stephanitz noticed a wolf-like dog with yellow and black markings at a dog show.
He later set up the German Shepherd Dog Club and established guidelines for the breed's standard.
Utility and intelligence were the traits he attached to the GSD.

Information Fact 2: What's up with the name?
The German Shepherd dog is one of the very few breeds whose official name contains the word "dog" in it. That was done to make people understand that one is talking about a four-legged animal and not a human shepherd belonging to Germany.

Fact 3 And the title for Mr. popular goes to.. GSD
Undoubtedly, GSDs are pretty popular.
But did you know that it is the second most registered dog breed around the world, next only to the Labrador Retriever?
And there's nothing surprising here, given the level of diversity that the GSDs offer. They are used all over the globe as family, guard, performance, show, military, police, and service dogs.

Facts 4,5 GSDs are a bit aloof, and quite protective
Aloof: Although a German Shepherd would do literally anything for its owner, it isn't too kind to the strangers. However, with proper training and socialization, they can be taught how to act nice around new people.
Protective: GSDs can be quite protective of their owner's family. They won't let anyone mess around until they see approval on their human parent's face.


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