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These are the most installed Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. Although it boasts of several features that you won’t find in other browsers, it is also known for extensions that make you more productive and certain tasks easier. However, only 13 Chrome extensions are known to have over 10 million installs according to a report by Extension Monitor website.

The 13 extensions that have more than 10 million installs are:
Cisco Webex Extension
This is a collaboration tool that lets users communicate using video calls, chats and more. It is also possible to share reports, add users in a conference and record them as well.

Google Translate
Google Translate Chrome extension is made by Google and is pretty straightforward. The extension simply lets you select a phrase in a different language and see it in your preferred language.

Avast Online Security
This extension checks every web page that you open, for malware. It also claims to save devices from phishing attacks and warns users if a website is untrustworthy.

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat extension claims to convert any web page into a ‘rich’ PDF page. This extension is, however, only for Windows devices.

Grammarly for Chrome
This extension is useful for content makers. It works on nearly all the websites and alerts the user when the grammar is not correct.

Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
Adblock Plus claims to make your website browsing free from unwanted advertisements. This extension also works on sites including Facebook and on YouTube video ads.

Pinterest Save Button
The Pinterest Save Button extension lets you save any idea, recipe, project that you see online and access it later. It also has a built-in visual search tool.

Skype, as most of us already know, is a service by Microsoft that lets you easily connect with others over a video or audio call. You can also share web pages using the service.

This extension works in a similar way as the Adblock Plus. It doesn’t let you face unwanted advertisements including those in Facebook and Youtube video ads.

Avast SafePrice
Avast SafePrice aims to give users ‘best’ prices, deals and discount coupons while you are shopping online. It shows you price comparison as well.

uBlock Origin
uBlock Origin is more than just an ad blocker. It also blocks third-party permission requests and has several filters to make browsing easier and malware-free.

This extension is important for those who shop online. It lets users automatically find and apply discounts, get coupon codes and more while buying anything on the web. You need to click on the button during the checkout and it will auto-apply coupons.

Tampermonkey is a userscript manager. It lets you manage and edit userscripts in a website, enable and disable scripts and more.


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