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Here how you can find your lost phone using Google

Given our smartphones are our wallets, our e-book readers, our means of socializing, and our single point of contact, losing them can be disastrous and tracking them, all the more difficult.
But if your handset is connected to the internet, its GPS is turned on, and you have already signed in to the Google account, these tips can help you track your lost phone.

Recover from Gmail via your desktop
Sign in to your Gmail on your computer and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Now, go to Google Account to access your details.
Then click on Security on the left side and select Find a lost or stolen phone under Your devices section.
Finally, select the device you want to track and verify your account to locate it.

You can also use the Gmail app
You can also track your lost device by using the Gmail app on another phone. Simply sign in with your account credentials and click on Manage your Google Account. Then click on Security and select Find a lost or stolen phone to track your device.

How to identify your lost device?
If you see a green-colored blip, it is the current location of the device. However, if you get a grey-colored blip, it means that it was the last recorded location of your phone.
Further, you can click on the blip to get the location coordinates on Google Map.
You can also play sound on your phone even if it is on silent mode.

You can also remotely erase your device
Google also offers several features that help you remotely secure the device and the data on it.
You can remotely lock your phone, set a screen password, and even display a message for the finder with a number on which he can reach you.
Moreover, you can remotely sign-out of your phone, disable your SIM, or even erase the data on the device.


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