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Cat vs Dog - Which is the best pet for you

"Which animal to pet?" has been a long standing dilemma among pet lovers.
And, dogs and cats have been the top contenders ever since the start of the debate.
However, thankfully, there are some factors that can easily help narrow down your final choice.
So, if you can't make up your mind, here are some points to consider before heading for adoption.

Dogs are extroverts, while cats are loners
Dogs are naturally pack animals. This implies that they tend to look for a family or a sense of belonging. That is why they happen to be more social and friendly with their parent family, as compared to cats.
Cats, on the other hand, are instinctively loners and tend to stay aloof. However, they also do develop affection for their human parent overtime.

Dogs are easier to train than cats
Dogs are much easier to train as compared to their feline counterparts.
This is so because their pack mentality, as mentioned earlier, makes them more eager to follow instructions and please their human parent.
On the other hand, cats are creatures of their own mind. It takes a lot of patience and thorough practice to train them.
Hence, make your decision accordingly.

Dogs need more space and are costlier too
Space: Since dogs are more active, they need more space to roam around, exercise and play. On the other hand, cats can be quite happy living in a limited space.
Cost: Generally speaking, dogs' food, toys and vet bills tend to be way bigger than those of cats, who are mostly independent and self caring, unlike doggies.


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