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How To Send Bulk SMS (Free) From Mobile - PC - Excel - Laptop - WhatsApp

How To Send Bulk SMS (Free) From Mobile, PC, Excel, Laptop, WhatsApp – By now, there are hundreds of tools available that can make you send the bulk SMS (Short Message Service) for free.
But after a certain point of time or use, Bulk SMS sending doesn’t remain free anymore and becomes the paid one. Today, in this guide here on media, we will completely look at How To Send Bulk SMS (Free) From Mobile, PC, Excel, Laptop, WhatsApp.
Now, there are various possible ways to do so. But at first, we will be looking at How to Send bulk text messages to a mobile number by using Gmail google sheet?
Thus, today I will show you how to broadcast bulk SMS directly from the Google Sheets. Messages are sent securely using your station account credentials. Open your Gmail account, go to Google Drive, open a Google Sheet from here.
Simply Populate columns in the Google Sheets. Warns the mobile numbers in the international format. Clean the message to films next page mobile number. Click add on, get it on, search txtNation.
How To Send Bulk SMS (Free) From Mobile, PC, Excel, Laptop, WhatsApp
As of now, in the next part of the post, we will be taking the example of Although, there are hundreds of Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) sending tools on planet earth. To send an SMS message, click new message on the Home tab. You can send your SMS messages to an individual or to a group.
If the individual contact has been saved to your bulk SMS text message, your contacts enter the first few letters of their names in the field and press Enter to send your SMS message to one or more existing contacts.
Click – to view your complete list, double click the contacts that you want to send your message to. You can also enter the mobile phone number of the message recipient.
Don’t forget to enter the country code when entering a mobile phone number. If you are sending an SMS message to an existing contact group, you can enter the group’s name in the group field and press Enter.
Or you can click on the group button and select the relevant group. Now type your message, as you type, you will see on the bottom left of your message screen the number of characters used and remaining.
This will update as you type. A standard SMS message can be up to 160 characters and a Unicode message can be no more than 70 characters. Click send to send your message straight away.
If you would like to schedule your message for a future date, click schedule, tick to confirm and enter the date and time would like your message to send.
You can also save your message as a draft by clicking here or here to save your message as a template. To see if your SMSs have been delivered, go to your sent items, double click the message to get the delivery report.
Now we will show you how to import contacts from an excel spreadsheet for When importing contacts from an Excel spreadsheet, CSV or text file, you need to ensure that your contact list is formatted correctly.
This means that you have a minimum of three columns, namely mobile number, first name and surname. Be sure to include the relevant country code when listing mobile number.
If you would like to insert custom fields for personalised SMS messaging, ensure the relevant columns are inserted as well.
Once your spreadsheet is up to date and accurate, you can open the bulk SMS text messenger, go to the contacts tab and click on the important contacts icon. The import wizard box will pop up.
Now let’s see the process of importing contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet. Similar steps will be taken when importing a CSV or text file. Select the type of file you want to import and click Next.
Click the select file and find the file on your computer. Click open. Confirm that this is the file you want to upload and click next. 
Click map fields to ensure the bulk SMS text messenger links the right content to the correct field.
Choose whether or not to ignore the first row, you can also choose whether or not you want the text messenger to automatically generate the first name, surname and display name.
If your spreadsheet has more than one sheet, you can choose which sheet you would like to upload.
To map the columns to the correct field, you will need to click the map button at the top of each column.
Choose the relevant field to map back to that particular column in your spreadsheet. Do this for all relevant columns, you don’t have to map each column but you must map at least the first name, surname and mobile number.
Once you have mapped the relevant fields, click OK. Make sure you have mapped the correct content to correct columns and then click next.
You can either choose to add these contacts to an existing group by ticking the group name and clicking next or you can create a new group by clicking add group.
Enter the new group name, click OK.
Your new group should now be available and it should also be ticked once. You have chosen the relevant group for your contact list to important to click Next.
If all of your contacts have the same country code, don’t change Auto format mobile numbers for this country.
Just make sure you select the correct country from the drop-down list. If however, your contacts are not all in the same country, you can uncheck this box.
You then need to choose whether or not to update existing contact information or not to import any existing contacts.
Click Next and you will be asked to complete the import. Giving an overview of the number of the contacts to be imported, click Yes.
The import wizard outline how many contacts were in the file and how many were added or updated.
Click Finish to view your imported contacts, click groups on the left-hand menu and select your new group.
Now as you observed, maximum character length per SMS is just 160 characters. But, there comes a scenario where you may need to send more characters SMS.
For this, in the next few lines, we will let you know about How to send a long SMS message?
Put some number and put the body with the messaging column. Look this is our international format of the mobile number. Here’s a country code at the beginning of every number. All your related queries such as – How to send bulk SMS from android phone, free bulk SMS app, bulk SMS free, free bulk SMS sending software from PC to mobile, how to send bulk SMS from way2sms, how to send bulk SMS from Gmail, send free bulk without registration and bulk SMS price etc.
Also, if having any other question related to How To Send Bulk SMS (Free) From Mobile, PC, Excel, Laptop, WhatsApp, please make sure to comment below.


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