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SEO - How to Identify and Remove Low Quality Content from Google - Increase Domain Authority Of Blog and Website (SEO Friendly Images Tips - WordPress Plugins)

How to Identify and Remove Low Quality Content from Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. Completely eradicating poor quality content for great SEO is a must step – I already wrote a complete article on How To Recover From Google Panda Effect, this article is a part of the same series to explain “What is low-quality content?“. After a series of Google Panda Updates, now everyone is aware of the importance of high-quality content. Previously webmasters used to think more the number of pages gets indexed in Google then more is the traffic but now things have changed. Even few low-quality articles can lead to a penalty like “One single apple spoiling the whole bunch“.
How to Identify and Remove Low-Quality Content from Google? There is a big question in every webmaster mind “What low quality/thin content actually means?“.
Well if you are here with the same question then I am going to clear your doubt in this article.
1. Content with Very Few Words: Even though most of them feel that the number of words of the article doesn’t matter it is wise to maintain a 500 words article. Sometimes you may not prolong an article to 500 words in such cases keep the article short and concise but get more comments on your post. All the words in the comments will be treated as the content of the article. Accept only those comments which add value to your blog. Spammy comments can harm the blog very badly.
So if you write a article with 200 words and get few comments which comprise of 300 words then 200+300=500. This will be the word count of the article which is a decent length.
2. Outdated Articles: Sometimes we may write articles related to Technology updates. These articles related to updates may boost your traffic instantly but once when the update is outdated the article will remain as a scrap in your blog or website. You have to identify such articles and remove them immediately.
3. Articles with no Traffic at all (third tip to remove Low Quality Content): There will be many articles on your website which don’t get traffic at all or gets traffic very barely thereby adding no value to your website. Such articles should either be rewritten, interlinked from the posts for which you get good traffic or must be removed.
4. Duplicate Titles (4th tip to remove Low Quality Content) Duplicate Titles and Meta Descriptions must be avoided at any cost. Quite often an information may be outdated and you may come up with a new information on the same title. In such cases, you should follow either of the following cases.
Re-write the previous article with the latest information(I don’t recommend this because Google takes some time to recrawl an already crawled content and modify it in search results thereby you loose a lot of traffic for a period of time).
Remove the previous article then write a new article. After that redirect the previous article URL to the new article[Highly Recommended].
Write the new article with different keywords. For example if you already wrote a article on “Google Panda Update 20” and this time you are writing a article on “Google Panda Update 21” then change the title and write it as “Google Rolled Out a New Panda Update 21” to show a diversification between the both titles.
5. Duplicate Meta Descriptions: This is also the same as the above-explained scenario regading Low Quality Content. To find out if your site has Duplicate Meta Description follow the below steps.
Go to Google Webmaster Tool.
Choose Optimization on the left column.
Then Go to Html Improvements.
How To Remove Low-Quality Content which is Indexed in Google? Many bloggers asked me how to remove urls from google. So the intention behind making this post is to demonstrate to them how to remove urls from Google as well.
1. No-Index those pages: You can no-index such pages. If you no-index then google will stop crawling such pages. Pages to be no-indexed are
Achieve Links.
Comment Links.
Unwanted Labels.
2. Blocking unwanted urls with Robots. Txt: You can also block such unwanted urls from further indexing using robots. txt file. The following is an example of ideal robots. txt file.
3. Remove Manually: If you want to remove specific url which contains Low Quality Content from google then its better to remove it manually. It will be removed from search results quickly.
Step To Manually Remove Url Using Google Webmaster Tool:
1. Go to Google Webmaster Tool.
2. Open the site for which you have to operate.
3. Then click on Optimization on the Left side column.
4. In optimization choose Remove URL’S.
5. Then copy the link of url which you want to remove and paste it.
Simple Video Tutorial on “How To Remove URL from Google Search Results”
6. The url should disappear in search results when Google indexes your site for the next time.
How To Increase Domain Authority Of Blog/ Website: Moz’s DA PA Tips How To Increase Domain Authority Of Blog/ Website: Moz’s DA PA Tips – PA full form is Page Authority and DA full form is Domain Authority. There was a time when Domain Authority and Page Authority of the website used to be only ranking matrices in the eyes of bloggers not google. Google has always focussed on Page Rank. PR (Page Rank) was the most important ranking determining tool in 2018.
How To Increase Domain Authority Of Blog/ Website: Moz’s DA PA Tips
What is Domain Authority? Best Tips to Increase Domain Authority 2014
1. Domain Age  :-
2. Backlinks- Link Juice
3. Inbound Links
4.Domain Popularity :-
How to check DA of any Website?
About the Author:
How To Increase Domain Authority Of Blog/ Website: Moz’s DA PA Tips Unlike Google Page Rank, Domain authority is just another thing after it. Domain authority has It’s own importance and major role in blogging because when any advertiser or any person who wants to contribute on your site looks at PageRankerank. Now Most of the bloggers and online marketers are working on increasing their domain trust and authority after all those Google updates. So today I am going to tell you how to increase DA for any blog by following simple :: steps below.
What is Domain Authority? Domain authority is a new metric to rank a Website. It’s one of the widely used, and popular way to judge the quality of a Website after Panda & Penguin updates. Here are few factors, which determine your
domain authority.
Best Tips to Increase Domain Authority 2014
1. Domain Age  :- As we said in the beginning that the age and popularity of the domain matters a lot in Domain Authority calculation and the reason behind this cruel thing is very simple, Search engines mostly prefer old domains to new ones as old domains are typically considered more genuine and trustworthy. So in simple words you can say that the Domain age describes how much genuine and trustworthy your website is.
2. Backlinks- Link Juice The best practice is  to build a community or at least be in contact with every other person which is involved in link building.Use anchor text variation while linking back to your blog not use same page use different pages it works for me and I am fine with it comment on other blogs and link back to your blog with relevant anchor text don`t care either the link is nofollow or dofollow you just have to link back and like me you will also be seen on almost all search engines.
3. Inbound Links The main and important factor the search engines keep in mind while determining the authority of a domain, is the number of inbound links coming from the  quality sites. If your blog has high number of inbound links from high authority site then your blog is also considered as high authority by the association
4.Domain Popularity :- Now what about Domain popularity, Yep !! It is also a important term in Domain authority calculation but it depends on Domain age and backlinks as you know the more your domain will be old the more it will be popular. So when your site will be enough popular than you will automatically get some huge numbers of incoming links from various sites.
How to check DA of any Website? There are lots of online tools to check the domain authority rankings of your blog or website. You can try Seomoz, Open Site Explorer or you can give a try to Moonsy which is one of the best tool to check domain
authority ranking.
SEO Friendly Images Tips, WordPress Plugins (Not Working), Alternatives Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase traffic to your blog. But, the power of SEO Friendly Images can also not be neglected. Though you have many posts, without knowing the basic rules of SEO you cant get more traffic. Most of the new bloggers will be afraid of hearing this term SEO. Search Engine Optimization is nothing but maintaining quality, conciseness and clarity. Coming to Image Optimization 20% of the daily searches are images. That means if you optimize images properly then you can get more traffic from what you are getting now.
Frankly speaking, as I always say blogger blogs are very poorly optimized than WordPress blogs. It doesn’t mean that blogger blogs cant be optimized like WordPress blogs but you have to put some extra effort and need to be a pro in Blogspot. So let’s get started with Image Optimization Tips and Tricks.
What are the Disadvantages of Blogger when coming to image optimization: In Blogger there is no such plugin or widget using which you can give alt title tags for the images.
You cannot compress the SEO Friendly Images size automatically.
In Blogger blogs there is no way to crop images to fit the layout of the blog.
These are the major disadvantages of the default blogger platform taking into consideration Image Optimization. There are a few other disadvantages which you will understand after reading the whole article. In this article, I will be explaining all the Tips using which you can make your images very much SEO friendly and you will be overcoming all the above disadvantages.
How To Make Images SEO Friendly in Blogger Blogs?
1.Resize Images Properly: I see most of the newbies upload images directly without cropping the images. After uploading an image to blogger it will give you few options like Medium, Original, Large and X-Large. Always keep original size because if you use the other options like Medium or Large then image quality will be lost.
The best tool I recommend you for cropping images online is
For offline cropping and editing, Adobe Photoshop is the best tool which I regularly use.
Note:Always remember that your image size should not be larger than the width of the post body.If your image is larger than the post body then the image will be hidden behind your widget or it may overlap with your widgets.By default it is recommended to keep the image size less than 580px.
2.Compress Images Before you Upload to Blogger: Blog load time is one of the important factors. So to reduce the load time of the blog you have to upload images which are lightweight. If you upload any image to blogger by default blogger takes the original size of the image and it will have a huge impact on your blog load time. So, first, you have to compress SEO Friendly Images using Yahoo Smushit.
I always see that Yahoo Smushit goes down and takes a lot of time for uploading and downloading.
The best alternate tool for is Puny.Png. I was using this tool for a couple of weeks and has a great compression ratio. I personally feel this tool is far better than Yahoo Smushit.
3. Add Alt Title Tags for Images: Alt Tag: If your SEO Friendly Images goes down or becomes unavailable then the image space will be filled with this Alt Tag.Title Tag: When you hover over an image. The keyword(s) appearing on the image is the Title Tag. Alt Title tags play a very important role for better ranking of your SEO Friendly Images in Search Results. After you upload an image to Blogger then go to HTML and Add A Alt and Title tag as follows.
When you upload an image then HTML code looks like the following
You have to make the following changes to make it SEO friendly This is the manual method of adding Alt and Title tags. In my next post, I will introduce a Script which automatically adds alt title tag for images.
4. Give proper names to Images: I see most of them give SEO Friendly Images name as image1,image2 etc or 1,2,3 soon. But this is not the right way to optimize your images for better Search Engine Ranking. 
5. Avoid Giving Spaces for Images and Pictures names: For example, if you are writing a post on Making Money Online and you want to show an SEO Friendly Images that resembles Making Money Online.
Now you will give the name as Making Money Online. But it is recommended to avoid spaces because these spaces are generally replaced by %20 and don’t have any value when it comes to SEO.So, it is better to replace space with ‘-‘ or ‘+’.
Instead of Making Money Online name it as Make+Money+Online or Make-Money-Online.
Conclusion: Most of the bloggers ignore optimizing images. If you don’t optimize images properly then it will affect your blog load time and search engine ranking. It is wise to optimize each and every aspect of your blog to stay away from penalties of Google ( like Panda and Penguin). Almost 15 years after the release of WordPress, developers have created WordPress plugins for almost every next thing in a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.


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