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Game Over Movie Review

CAST: Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Gurleen Chopra, Rakesh Bedi, Falguni Rajani, Zeeshan Khan, Prasad Shikhare,
DIRECTION: Paresh Vinodray Savani,
GENRE: Drama, Thriller, Suspense,
STORY: Con artists Sanaaya Savitri (Gurleen Chopra) and her Mamu target rich, sex deprived men for carrying out their malicious extortion plans where Sanaaya uses her beauty to exploit them. Just days before retirement, the duo set out to dupe a wealthy diamond merchant but the plan goes horribly wrong. REVIEW: When a lonesome, sleazy billionaire Rangeela Awasthi (Rajesh Sharma) is given the proposal to marry a girl, who's at the peak of her youth, he grabs it with both hands.
Their first meeting, with a high dose of drama and laden with sexual innuendos, moves to his bedroom in the wink of an eye. Naturally, the heist goes smooth as butter. Content with the wealth they have accumulated over the years, planner Mamu cajoles his niece into quitting their life of crime to start a family of her own. This con-artist flick is a sum total of all other con-meets-scam movies that we have already seen; only that this one is dripped in mediocrity.
Director-writer Paresh Savani has butchered the already meek script with below average direction, and the usage of uber-fake props in the film has added to its plight. With a sloppy story in hand, actors Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma and Gurleen Chopra had very little scope to showcase their acting abilities. There a few surprise elements thrown in at regular intervals, which do not take anyone aback at all.
The background score and overall music, too, is one painful tune you would not hum to. Overall, 'Game Over' is a no-brainer and leaves you in splits, and it is supposed to be a thriller. Do the math!


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